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UHF/VHF High Power Radio

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ZT-V180 UHF/VHF high power radio is a commercial, full-band walkie talkie. It is a powerful handheld transceiver with circuit that has been upgraded and optimized. The upgrading and optimization leads to strong antijamming capability. It has been proven that this two-way radio has strong penetrating power and permits quality long-distance communication.

The UHF/VHF high power radio uses the advanced voice compression technology to effectively control the background noise, so that clear communication can be ensured. No matter in what kind of noisy environment, it provides users with the means to communicate reliably and effectively with the minimum of fuss. In addition, other auxiliary functions incorporate the built-in radio, flashlight, and emergency alarm. This UHF/VHF professional handheld transceiver is the most effective, economical communication tool for many sectors, e.g. shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, logistics & warehousing, etc.

Product Details

Functions and Standard Configurations

Main Functions
Flashlight Function
Squelch On/Off
VOX Function
Busy Channel Lock
Low Battery Warning
TOT (Time-out Timer)
Noise Reduction
Intelligent Scanning
Emergency Alarm

Standard Accessories
Radio *1
Battery *1
Antenna *1
Charger *1
Strap *1
Back clip *1
Manual EN *1

Specifications and Parameters

Frequency Range 136-174MHz
Channel No. 16
Operating Voltage 7.4V
Working Temperature Range -20℃~+60℃
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Size (mm) 127*61*38
Weight (g) 205
Output Power UHF<7w L≤ 1w
VHF<6w L≤ 1w
Modulation F3E
Spurious Radiation <-60dB
Adjacent Ch. Power <-60dB
CTCSS/DCS Deviation (N/W) ±2.5/5KHz
Audio Distortion < 10%
Signal Noise Ratio, SNR (W/N) 34/40dB
Sensitivity <-60dB
Adjacent CH. Sensitivity (W/N) ≤-65dB
Audio Power >500mW
Audio Distortion ≤5%
Intermediation (W/N) ≥60dB


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