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UHF/VHF Mobile Transceiver

Beautiful, Solid, Durable, Excellent Performance, Perfect Value, Multifunctional Vehicle Installed Two Way Radio


MP600 UHF or VHF mobile transceiver is a high-power, functional two way radio featured by powerful functions, convenient operation, and reasonable price. Due to the application of advanced voice compression technology, users can keep smooth, clear contact even in all sorts of noisy environment. Small in size, this high power mobile radio is particularly suited to be used in a space-limited environment. It can excellently finish the communication task on various kinds of bumpy roads and hostile environment.

Product Details

Functions and Standard Configurations

Main Function
1750Hz Tone
0-9 SQL grade setting
Selectable High/Mid/Low power
Repeater offset shift
Contact storage
Remote kill/stun/activate/revive
Step frequency setting
Voice compander
Caller ID Identification
Auto Power Off

Standard Accessories
Standard Configurations
MP 600 Mobile Transceiver *1
Hand Microphone *1
Support *1
Power Line *1
Screw *1
English Manual *1

Specifications and Parameters

Frequency Range 136-174MHz/400-490MHz
Channel Capacity 199
Channel Step 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/15/20/25/30/50KHz
Frequency Stability 2.5ppm
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ + 60℃
Operating Voltage 13.8V DC ± 15%
Dimensions (HxWxD) 145mmx190mmx47mm
Weight(g) 1200g
Receiver Sensitivity 0.25V/0.35V
Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60dB@12.5KHz/70dB@25KHz
Intermodulation ≥60dB/≥65dB
Spurious Response ≥70dB
Audio Response +1-+3dB
Audio Distortion <5%
FM noise ≥40dB@25KHz/≥45KHz@12.5KHz
Power Output 45W/25W/10W(UHF)
Modulation 11kΦF3E/16kΦF3E
Modulation Distortion <5%
FM Noise ≥36dB@25KHz/≥40KHz@12.5KHz
Adjacent Channel Power ≥60dB@12.5KHz/≥70KHz@25KHz
Audio Response +1-+3dB
Audio Distortion < 5%
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