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Digital Data Confidentiality Solution

Public service and public security have become crucial tasks for all government departments. ZASTONE is a globally leading supplier specialized in the communication equipment field. Its ZT-9908 dPMR commercial digital radio offers you solutions related to the remote scheduling and management. It helps you deploy and dispatch all the available resources with effect.

ZT-9908 dPMR commercial digital radio is matched with a newly updated AMBE+2C vocoder. This configuration is recognized as the world's best application of vocoders, since it has greatly enhanced the anti-noise capacity and voice quality. More than that, the commercial digital radio is minimized in overall power consumption, and has remarkable performance no matter in communication distance, communication security, or in communication function. Possessing the excellent performance such as intelligent digital-analog compatibility, it has been perfectly promoted in voice quality, communication distance, communication security, and communication function. It is completely in conformity with the users' requirements toward the digital radios.

In contrast to common digital radio with single communication mode, ZT-9908 supports digital/analog dual modes. It realizes the intelligent signal identification and automatic mode conversion. After receiving digital signal, our digital radio automatically converts to digital communication mode. When receiving analog signal, it automatically converts to analog communication mode. No manual operation is needed. Your working efficiency will be thereby greatly improved.

Moreover, shell of ZT-9908 digital radio is manufactured from high-strength ABS+PC materials. This special materials made shell makes it resistant to shock. It won't be damaged even when dropping from 1.5m high. For that reason, our digital radio is suitable for all sorts of high-intensity communication environment. Meanwhile, installed with other advanced technologies such as intelligent error correction, 4FSK modulation-demodulation, etc., it is also ideal for government agency, public security, public utilities, commercial communication, civilian communication, etc.

ZT-9908 commercial digital radio is the first walkie talkie that applies OLED display screen. OLED with the full name of Organic Light-Emitting Diode is self-luminous. It adopts ultra-thin organic coating and glass substrate, allowing for larger viewing angel and richer colors. Pixel size of OLED display screen can be made to be dozens of microns to hundreds of microns. The display resolution is >300 PPI. Unlike common LED screen, OLED display screen enjoys an incomparable advantage. Its the organic materials shines when electric current passes through, which allows for more power conservation.