Quality Communication Solution For Resort in Australia

In allusion to the usage occasion and use habit, ZASTONE customize a set of digital communication system for Australia palmhouse to realize the interconnection and interworking between radio terminal and hotel internal office platform.

Project Background
Australian palmhouse is a vocational village located in the palm beach. In the daily work, some workers after getting the call instruction, couldn't make a instant response because of the busy work. When servicing, the receiving of radio communication will affect the customer rest. Therefore, the client needs a radio integrated with double functions such as text function and instant connectivity. The radio should be able to ensure the timely, accurate, soundlessly, and successful instructions submitting, and meanwhile guarantees that information can be real-time saved and checked. In a word, it is required to greatly improve the management efficiency and service level of vocational villages.

Client Needs
The client understood that our dPMR commercial digital radio not only can realize the excellent voice communication but also has the data transmission function. Though the communication between the workers and our senior engineers, we got to know the clients' requirements as below:
1. Clear voice in communication range;
2. According to the business need, functions including all call, group call, and individual call can be realized through digital signals.
3. Customize and develop wireless radio communication system, realizing the silent instructions connectivity, improving the management efficiency, and promote customer satisfaction.

According to the vocational village requirements and its actual conditions, we developed two sets of digital communications repeater system. The system design capacity is 200 sets of terminals, divided into several groups. Individual call and group call are convenient for management and dispatching. The digital communication repeater system supports the subsequent smooth expansion.

We also customize a wireless communication system short message service and office e-mail system interconnection network. The system operator can edit Chinese-English message through the office e-mail system. Maximum Chinese characters amount are 128. After the message has been sent to the radios of customer service, the customer service staff can manually edit Chinese-English short reply message.

Client Value
Thus far, ZASTONE digital radio communication system has been formally put into use in the vocational village. Compared to the traditional solutions, our digital solution has greatly improved the management efficiency. It has been highly recognized by the clients. Totally new digital products has bring new feelings to the travelers in the vocational village.