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Emergency Communication Dispatching Solution

Market Challenge
As the frequent occurrence of mass disturbance and natural disasters, mobile temporary command headquarter construction has become an important task for government department at all levels. In many places, large-scale functional refitted communication vehicles are equipped for the realization of on-site temporary command. The communication vehicle can utilize wireless communication, wired communication, computer communication, video communication, satellite communication, and so on. Though the communication vehicle can meet the requirements of network coverage, it has the following problems during the actual application.

1) Maneuverability Restriction
Refitted emergency communication system only can be fixed onto the vehicles. In case of complicated geographical conditions, temporary command headquarter construction on high-rise building or mountains is difficult.

2) Limitations on Vehicle Application
The refitted vehicle just can be used for on-site communication. It couldn't be used for other purpose.

3) Large Investment
Refitted emergency communication vehicle requires more investment. It is too expensive for general government department.

In accordance with The Guidance on Public Security Command Communication System Construction, ZASTONE designed a RP600 portable emergency communication command system. The system allows you to instantly form a temporary on-site command department in case of medium or small sudden events. The command center can implement audio and video scheduling command through wireless communication methods.

RP600 repeater system is portable, and can instantly organize the network in various conditions. It instantly builds up the on-site wireless audio and video network command network after starting up. Users just need to press one key to connect the command center and temporary on-site command department.

1) Special design concept integrates a complicated emergency command communication system into a communication box. The operation is simple and reliable.
2) Narrow band wireless voice communication and wideband wireless video communication are integrated.
3) Private network and public network communications are combined to the solve the emergency command communication problems.
4)Speedily build up the on-site emergency command communication system, offering wireless video and voice communication service.
5) On-site dispatcher just need to press on key to realize the communication among command center, on-site dispatcher, and on-site police officers. The on-site accident management efficiency is greatly improved.
6) On-site dispatcher can have on-site wireless voice communication with on-site policemen.
7) Video signal can be real-time uploaded to the on-site temporary headquarters, realizing the visualized command.
8) On-site video signal can e real-time sent back the command center, convenient for the leaders to make decisions.
9) The system comes with on-site voice, signal storage function, convenient for afterward inquiry and evidence.

1) Small in size, the equipment is suitable for vehicle-mounted application and mobile application.
2) Portable case structure meets American military standard. After sealing, its protection grade reaches IP67. The case is waterproof, and can be immersed in water. Special shock proof structure supports all kinds of transportation methods.
3) Integrated cluster/conventional private network voice, GSM/PSTN, private network mobile video/3G mobile video, DVR audio and video storage
4) Advanced embedded software platform is applied. The system starting is speed, reliable, and stable.
5) Built-in large capacity battery ensure that the system can be continuously used for at least 6 hours.
6) A variety of power supply mode meet all kinds of application environment.
7) Individual backpack of humanized design is available. Ergonomically designed, it is comfortable to use.
8) The equipment is simply operated. It instantly works after starting. No professional training is needed.
9) Designed with satellite communication interface, the communication system can be conveniently connected with portable satellite communication equipment, so as to conduct the emergency command and dispatching under any conditions.