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Indoor Wireless Communications Solution

Market Challenge
Convenient communication is a basic guarantee for smooth running of hotel service and daily business of administrative staff. As the development of hotels, consumers has increasingly higher requirements toward hotel service. They require hotel staff to immediately respond their requirements. Most hotels adopt two way radios. However, two way radios are unable to meet the users' requirements in case of larger-scale hotels or two many two way radios. For instance, unclear voice will be caused if the basement parking garage communication effect is not good.

Managers in hotels put forward new requirements toward hotel internal communication. The radio communication system should have no blind area, no disturbance, but clear voice. All the staff in the hotel can communicate with each other at any time and any place, thereby improving the working efficiency. What they do is to provide a cozy environment for consumers and improve the satisfaction degree.

ZASTONE offered wireless coverage solution for hotels based on the above application requirements. The solution is made according to the following principles.
1) Advancement
The whole system from configurations to functions should reach the advanced level to a certain degree.
2) Reliability
All resources of systems including hardware equipment should be of high reliability. All the device operates stably and are easy to maintain. Reliable preparations should be available for hardware failure.
3) Mature Technology
The system should apply mature technology as far as possible. After the establishment, it can be put into use, and reach the design effect.
4) Expandability
Overall structure of the radio communication system is rationally design. The radio communication system should be extensible, and come with moderate design capacity. Both communication coverage and distance can be enlarged.

1. No Signal Blind Area
Hotel wireless communication system can extend the wireless signal to the underground parking garage, boiler room, fire fighting access, and other place that is not easy to be covered by wireless signal. It makes sure that smooth, effective communication can be conducted at any place in the hotels.
2. Simple Structure, expandable and scalable
The capacity can be changed without affecting other uses or systems.
3. Unattended Operation
The system comes with unattended operation, Workers can have the calls and communications in the coverage area.