Quality Control

We at ZASTONE are in pursuit of radio communication equipment with reliable quality. Each our raw materials supplier is strictly selected. Quality control methods are adopted for all processes from raw materials inspection, production process, and to finished product inspection. In the intercom field, we are the first one to get the approval of ISO9001 International Quality Management System.

Quality Control for Research and Development
ZASTONE product design is in conformity with national industry standard and American military standard. The development processes are with standardized management. During each process, system testing and experiment are implemented to ensure the high quality product production.

Quality control methods are adopted to choose qualified suppliers. Our company established normalized purchase management system and IQC checkout room, so as to choose the eligible suppliers. We have established long term stable cooperation relationship with international first-class suppliers.

Process Quality Control
Standardized process work instructions have been formulated. Production arrangement is in strict accordance with the plan, so that the planning, controllability, and traceability of anomalous mass can be ensured. Precise management instrument is used for the strict manufacturing process control and craft control. Before out of factory, all the products have been treated with relevant reliability test and outgoing quality control. Our operators and inspectors have received the three-level training system including induction training, regular on-the-job training, and special skills training. Self-inspection and mutual inspection functions have been set up. Also, we implement the comprehensive appraisal system.

Finished Product Quality Control
We have formulated the relevant programs and inspection documents for finished product inspection and control. Dynamic management and control for product quality are carried out in full compliance with MIL-STD-150E simple sampling grade II level and company inspection rules. Meanwhile, finished products are treated with harsh environment tests, e.g. aging test, high and low temperature test, temperature shock, solar radiation, waterproof test, drop test, shock test, etc. The tests are in strict accordance with America military standard US-MIL-810C, D, E. System reliability test provides a strong guarantee for the superior quality of our products.

Not only the radio communication device is required to reach the national stated technical standards, but also it needs to satisfy the following standards.
1. Index difference among different batches of products should below 10%.
2. Index difference between different frequencies of the same product should be within 10%.
3. Index difference of the same product at any working temperature should be no more than 10%.
4. Within 3 years, index difference of the product should be no more than 10%.
5. During the two years, any product should have the repair rate lower than 3%.