Successful Application of RP600 Repeater System

ZASTONE RP600 repeater system successfully offered an effective solution to the interconnection and interworking between old and new campuses. In the meantime, it combines with GPS positioning function to realize the unified dispatching management, which also boosted the management efficiency of campus security.

Project Background
With the advancing of higher education reform, the original elite education is gradually popularized thus leads to the unceasingly expanding of enrollment scale. The original campus space is no longer large enough to meet the needs of school development. More and more colleges and universities are building new campuses or merging with other schools for the enrollment scale expanding. Currently, schools of larger scale generally owns 2-3, or even more campuses in one city. Some campuses are even located in the suburban county or other cities. The distance between each campus is really far away.

Accordingly, campus management related problems are constantly emerging. Original security management mode couldn't adapt to the multi-campus construction mode any more. Especially, one after another security related vicious events let campus security become a hot issue of national concern.

Client Needs
Jishou University is a key university located in the northeast China. It has two campuses. About 40 minutes' driving is needed if you travel from one campus to the other one. To better safeguard the security of all teachers and students, our school employs a large number of security guards. Each security personnel has a handheld transceiver for daily communication between each other.

As the establishment of two new campuses, Jishou University demands a secure communication system to realize the interconnection and interworking between the two campuses. The radio communication system should be beneficial for the unified dispatching management.

ZASTONE RP600 repeater system is used to realize the interconnection and interworking between the two campuses. It uses one overall system and several single site systems to form a reliable local or wide communication systems. Users in the coverage area can share the voice and data with other users at any other place of the school. During the daily work, users at each campus communicates independently. The security personnel can call leaders or security personnel in the other campus. In case of important activities or emergencies, all the security personnel are connected to the internet channel, allowing for a hundred responses to a call. Group call is also available. Daily security and campus activity communication are thereby guaranteed.

Client Value
The system can maximally support 12 repeaters. It permits the unified dispatching management. Flexible voice and data transmission is no longer limited to the distance and high-rise buildings. Flexible networking supports a variety of network modes. The radio communication system can be put up based on local area network, wide area network, or even based on the combination of local area network and wide area network. It has the functions such as individual call, group call, all call, and GPS positioning function. Each campus can be individually or uniformly managed.