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I. Service Commitment
1. Timely Service

We promise that we'll in time make response to the clients' service requirements within 24 hours. Solutions will be given to handle the clients' complaints within 72 hours. (Remark: Excluding out and back haul time and time delay caused by client side.)

2. Lifetime Service
Life-long service is available for all our two way radios. We provide free technical consultation service. We will maintain the products damaged because of non-human factors for free during the warranty period. Beyond the warranty period, only relevant working hour pay and accessories fees will be charged, for the maintenance of man-made failures.

3. Warranty Service Commitments
i. Warranty

Product Category Product Model Main Unit Product Accessories Instructions
Battery/ Charger/ Charge Stand Headset / shoulder microphone / hand microphone
Handheld Terminal Digital Radio DP860
12 months 6 months Headset / shoulder microphone / 3 months None
Commercial Radio ZT-Q8
12 months 6 months Headset / shoulder microphone / 3 months
12 months 6 months Headset / shoulder microphone / 3 months
Commercial or civilian radios ZT-Q5
12 months 6 months Headset / shoulder microphone / 3 months
12 months 6 months Headset, 3months
Mobile Transceiver Series and Systems Mobile Transceiver Series MP600
12 months --- Hand microphone /6 months
Repeater Series RP600 24 months --- Hand microphone /6 months 24 months for self-developed products. Outsourcing equipment accords with the manufacturers' warranty policy.

II. Warranty Terms and Conditions
1. Warranty service is valid only under normal use. Users couldn't enjoy the warranty service, if the products are damaged because of man-made reasons. They need to pay for the maintenance.
Man-made reasons include:
a. Disassemble, install, or modify the walkie talkie by yourself;
b. Natural wear and tear;
c. Mechanical damage;
d. Not follow the service manual
e. Use other brand accessories or antenna

2. Distributor warranty period starts from the production date. All the ZASTONE distributors can enjoy an additional 3 months warranty period for inventory turnover period. For instance, warranty period of ZT-V180 high power radio is 12months+3months=15months.
3. Warranty period for end users starts from the acquisition date. Those end users need to provide the purchase invoice and warranty card. Only the warranty card that is filled on the purchase date and has been stamped by the sales point, is effective.
4. Do not tear up the ZASTONE labels and serial number labels on the radio communication devices. Otherwise, no warranty will be offered.