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Mini Dual Band Mobile Radio

BAOJIE BJ-218 Mini Dual Band Mobile Radio

Main Function
1) Dual Receiving. A and B can receive simultaneously on different brands.
2) Dual Compandor
3) Dual Scrambler
4) Dual DTMF encode/decode
5) Dual ANI code
6) UHF/VHF: 25W
7) UHF/VHF: 128 memory channels
8) Remote stun and monitor
9) Team calling and group calling

Specifications of the Dual Band Mobile Radio
Frequency Range A model: 136-174MHz
B model: 220-248MHz
C model: 400-480MHz
System F3E (FM)
Antenna Impedance 50Ω
Frequency Stability ±2.5ppm
Input Voltage DC13.8V
Output Power 5/10/25W
Max. Frequency Deviation ±5KHz
Working Current Receive 0.3A (SQL)
Transmit 5A (Max)
Dimension 106*105*30
Weight 0.5Kg
Standard Configurations of the Mini Radio
Items Qty.
Machine Body 1
Hand Microphone 1
Assembly Supporting Rack 1
Power Line 1
Screws 1
Instructions 1
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