1. MP600 UHF/VHF Mobile TransceiverSmall in size, this high power mobile radio is particularly suited to be used in a space-limited environment. It can excellently finish the communication task on various kinds of bumpy roads and hostile environment.
    1. MP900 Dual Band Mobile Transceiver

      It is made up of detachable panels, and convenient in installation. Various functions including DTMF decoder, double voice encryption, scrambler, etc., ensures your safe conversation.

Mobile Transceiver

The mobile transceiver is a vehicle-mounted transceiver configured with high-power audio output and advanced voice compression technology, so that uses can have clear communications even in all kinds of noisy environment. Multi-bands and various encryption methods let users have conversations freely without being disturbed. As the panels are flexible and detachable, you can freely install the mobile two way radio according to actual requirements.

All the products have been strictly tested. The vehicle-mounted walkie talkie is in conformity with American military standard, that is why it can be applied to all kinds of bumpy roads and hostile environment. Our mobile transceiver is a trustworthy product used to team taxies, logistics, public security, etc.