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TDD-OFDM solution

1. High frequency efficiency
2. same-band transmission, same-band networking, same-band roaming
3. Relay transmission application
4. Based on IP protocol
5. Three-dimensional application of land, sea and air
6. Long transmission distance and powerful diffraction capability
7. Strong Readiness on transmission system
8. Completed security system
9. High compatibility
10. Real Audio and Video output
11. High stability on high-speed mobile transmission
12. Flexible and convenient installation

Working Modes:

1. Point-to-point transmission mode
UAV transmission system -- Commander Center:
Point-to-point mode can enbale Individual /UAV transmit the collected real-time video/audio to commander vehicle. Commander can make prompt decision and arrange team members to take immediate actions.

2. Relay transmission mode
From individual / UAV / Communication vehicle etc via temporary relay Communication Vehicle / Airborne platform / Communication suitcase to Commander Center:
Relay transmitter mode can enable fast and reliable two-way real-time video and audio interaction in situations that communication is interfered by distance and obstacles.

3. Multi-points to one-point transmission mode
In some situation the commander needs information from different angles to get accurate decision, then need high compatibility for the devices. A communication command vehicle / Command can receive images from different terminal devices at the same time.

Connection Modes:

1. Mesh networking mode
The system of mesh networking digital wireless image transmission is made from numbers of base stations. Car PTZ/ Portable camera collect / encode the image / audio from front-end to command center via digital mode.
All remote equipment can be roaming between base stations, without human intervention. Command center can transmit audio / video with remote device by controlling PTZ.

2. Chain networking mode
Individual/Airborne equipment/Vehicle devices can set up network automatically. Each Device can be used as a base station and relay transmitter.

Functions and advantages
1. System transmission is based on IP data stream, that can achieve a variety of IP applications. Can make joint with different network system which based on TCP / IP protocol, such as satellite, optical fiber, 4G public network.
2. Can realize multi-level signal relay transmission, with less than 1% reduction of signal strength after each relay transmission.
4. Automatic network setup.
5. Wide frequency range, 150MHz ~ 3GHz are available.
6. Flexible construction, can form a three-dimension network of land / sea / air application system by UAV / Individuals / Vehicle transmission devices / repeater equipment.
7. Support two-way intercom at single frequency with high efficiency. The bandwidth will reach 20Mbps at 8MHz.
8. RX sensitivity is high, network coverage is wide.( RX sensitivity up to-106dBm, 100M high-to ground transmission network coverage up to 20km radius)
9. Flexible allocation of channel resources, there are point-to-point, one-point to multipoint, multipoint to multipoint two-way communication.
10. Whole intelligent processing, support spectrum intensity perception, can adjust the device dates auto according to the situation.

11. TDD-OFDM with other solutions:
 Item  TDD-OFDM 3G/4G LTE MESH  Digital Radio COFDM
Multi-user applications Auto single band assignment Fixed single band assignment Fixed single band assignment Auto single band assignment Fixed multi-band assignment Fixed multi-band assignment
 Video Input/Output Support Support Support Support Support Non
Video Display 4CH,1080P 2CH, 720P 4CH, 720P 4CH, 720P NON 1CH
Delay Lower High Low Middle Lower Lower
 Coverage High High Middle Small High High
anti-resistance Higher Low Middle Lower High Higher
anti-interference High Low Middle Low Middle High
Mobile Transmission capacity High 680KM/HR Middle Middle Low Middle Middle
 Base station dependency NON Strong NON NON Week NON
Security  One code, 128-bit AES encryption, upper application encryption, black and white list multiple encryption lock etc Week 128-bit AES encryption 128-bit AES encryption General 128-bit encryption
Operator cost NON High NON NON NON NON
 Emergency communication ability  High NON High  High  Middle High
Stand-Alone relay transmission  High NON  Middle Middle Non Low
LAN mutual capacity 20Mbps 5Mbps 8Mbps 5Mbps NON NON
 Emergency function Have NON NON NON NON NON


The technology could be used in many scenes for various communications demands: military, police, security, fire fighting, traffic, radio and TV, disease control, environmental monitoring and rescue tasks.

Case1:When the incident occurred and emergency command vehicles can not arrive, the same frequency two-way UAV can immediately take off to area and collect video to commander. Commander make order from the speaker of UAV.

Case 2: When there is no dedicated wireless network in the area of incident, UAV and Vehicles can form a emergency transmission system.

Case 3: When the place of incident is far from the command center, but must report to the command center in the situation that public network completely paralyzed, then can use numbers of command vehicles transmit video to command center with non-network center.

Case 4: When the incident happened in the valley or transmission the areas that equipment can not be achieved, can use two UAVs transmission the video sign to vehicle.

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