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The handheld transceiver, walkie talkie, or two way radio repeater is an important communication tool used to effectively eliminate the signal blind area. It is a fully functional quality handheld relay station that accords with American military standard. It is optimally constructed based on the clients' needs. This fully functional communication relay station is the preferred professional wireless command and dispatching tool for public security, property manage system, airports and ports, hotels, storage facilities, etc.

RP600 high power repeater is a new handheld transceiver repeater mainly constructed by 2 sets of MP600 as well as high-performance, low consumption duplexer. It has excellent internal structure, abundant functions settings, and beautiful appearance. The communication relay station can be outdoor used to effectively supplement base station coverage and get rid of the blind zone problem. Also, it can serve as the signal source applied for indoor distribution system, and no weak signal appears. In addition to the basic forwarding function, it has many auxiliary interfaces and comes with high power output. It is ideally suited to any users at any work places. With strong heat dissipation performance, the repeater works stably under the condition of high load. It can maximally expand the communication distance and save the investment cost.

1. The handheld transceiver repeater is small and convenient to take.
2. It has a built-in AC stabilized voltage supply and temperature control cooling fan.
3. This product also has a built-in high performance low consumption duplexer.
4. Equipped with input and output control port, it can be connect to all kinds of terminal equipment, for instance, phone-call recording.

Basic Parameters
Selectable Frequency Range: 136-174MHz; 400-470MHz
Channel No.: 199
Frequency Stability: ±2.5 ppm
Working Temperature Range: -30℃ to +60℃
Power Supply: 13.8V DC; 220V AC
Antenna Impedance: 50Ω N type
Size: 260(W)×400(H)×240(D)mm
Weight: 12Kg
Output Power: VHF: 10W/25W/60W; UHF: 10W/25W/45W
Maximum Frequency Deviation: ±5.0kHz(25KHz); ±2.5kHz(12.5KHz)
Adjacent-channel Power: ≥60dB@12.5KHz/≥70KHz @25KHz
Audio distortion: <5%
Sensitivity: 0.25V/0.35V
Squelch Sensitivity: -4dBμV typ. (emf.threshold)
Adjacent Channel Selectivity: 60dB@12.5KHz / 70dB@25KHz
Clutter Rejection: ≥70dB
Intermodulation: ≥60dB / ≥65dB
Audio Frequency Response: +1-+3dB

Standard Configuration
Repeater *1
Hand microphone *2
English instruction *1
Warranty card *1

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