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Radio Microphone, Headset

The radio microphone has the voice control function. It has large PTT and its volume is adjustable. It can meet all kinds of your requirements.

Radio Microphone, Headset1

Product Name: GP88S PTT Ear Hook
Model: ZT-G02-M

Product Name: GP328 PTT Ear Hook
Model: ZT-G02-M45

Product Name: KENWOOD PTT Ear Hook
Model: ZT-G02-TK

Product Name: Rainproof TK Hand Microphone
Model: ZT-H14-K

Product Name: Rainproof Hand Microphone
Model: ZT-H24-K

Product Name: M Throat Control Earphone
Model: ZT-HK06-TM

Product Name: Kenwood Head Throat Control Earphone
Model: ZT-HK06-TK

Product Name: Kenwood Telephone Headset
Model: ZT-TD03-TK

Product Name: Kenwood Telephone Headset
Model: ZT-TD38-TK

Radio Microphone, Headset 2

Product Name: Unilateral Headphone
Model: ZT-TD95-TK

Product Name: Hand Microphone With Indicator
Model: ZT12-K

Product Name: Large PTT Hand Microphone
Model: ZT-H18K

Product Name: Hand Microphone with Antenna
Model: ZT23-K

Product Name: Air-Tube Headset for Radio
Model: TK-DGEJ

Product Name: Braided Wire Headset for Radio
Model: TK-BJX-ER

Product Name: Curve Headset for Radio
Model: TK-QXEJ

Product Name: D Shaped Headset for Radio
Model: TK-DXEG

Product Name: Throat Microphone Headset for Walkie Talkie
Model: TK-HKEJ-02

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