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Handheld Transceiver Application

Property Security, Enterprise Security
UV-3R handheld transceiver is easy, convenient to operate. It can be used for clear, long-distance communication for a long time. In case of emergency circumstances or unexpected events, security personnel can use the emergency alarm function of the two way radio to instantly call for support. The handheld transceiver safeguards your safety and lets you finish your task with success.

Construction and Transportation Industry
UV-3R two way radio is reliable in performance, clear in tone quality, smooth in touch but easy in control. It provides a strong guarantee for your outdoor communication. Emergency alarm function can maximally ensure your safe work.

Manufacturing Industry
UV-3R is a walkie talkie characterized by strong quality, stable performance, and squelch function. It is more competitive when used in the noisy working environment. It ensures the successful accomplishments of all kinds of tasks.

Logistics, Warehouse
UV-3R two way radio is portable. Featured by clear voice quality and ultra-long standby time, it allows users to effectively, easily deal with the coordination, dispatching, and management even in a busy, noisy environment. It still ensures the normal communication in warehouses where it may have weaker signal.

Tourism Industry
UV-3R handheld transceiver features simple operation, clear voice, long communication distance, and long communication time. Travelers can starts its emergency alarm function for support when came across emergencies. The two way radio ensures the safe travel.

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