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    1. D900 DMR Two Way Radio
    1. V10 Handheld Transceiver

      Frequency range:
      65MHz-108MHz (Only commercial FM radio reception)

    1. ZT-A9 UHF 400-480MHz Two Way Radio

      Programming Function Setting
      Scan Function

    1. V3000 Handheld Transceiver

      99 memory channels, the use of PLL frequency
      Synthesis of microcomputer control, full shortcut operation

    1. DP880 DMR Two Way Radio

      DMR portable radio DP880 provide super audio quality, versatile functionality, durability, security and flexibility to solve problems confronted in the work area, creating great operating value.

    1. ZT-X6 UHF Mini Two Way Radio

      Main Feature:
      TOT function
      Low battery warning function
      SQL function

    1. DP890 DMR Two Way Radio

      DP890 is strictly designed to meet IP67 and MIL-810C/D/E/F/G standard, ensuring good performance in potentially harsh environments such as harbors, manufacturing plants, petrochemical factory and construction sites.

    1. MINI8 UHF Two Way Radio

      CTCSS QT/Digital CTCDD DQT
      VOX function
      Scrambling function
      Broadband and Narrowband Select

    1. Mini Talk 7 Two Way RadioOutput power: 0.5W (License free to be used)
      PC programmable programming 400-470MHz
      Built-in rechargeable 1000mAH Li-ion battery
    1. ZT-2R+ Dual Band Radio

      The ZT-2R+ is one of Zastone’s newly launched miniature dual band, dual standby handheld wireless walkie talkies.

    1. ZT-A10 10W High Power Two Way RadioHigh/Low power selection
      CTCSS (Continuous Tone Coded Squelch System) /DCS
      ANI ID Code
    1. T-2000 UHF Radio with FlashlightThis two way radio with flashlight serves as the closest assistant for night workers, as it offers ultra-strong LED illumination. Its shell is made of high-density titanium alloy, so the walkie talkie is dustproof and break resistant.
    1. ZT-V68 UHF Mini Professional Radio

      In addition to a 1500mAh large capacity lithium battery, the professional mini walkie talkie has the automatic power saving function. The two aspects guarantee a ultra-long standby time.

    1. ZT-V180 UHF/VHF High Power Radio

      This UHF/VHF professional handheld transceiver is the most effective, economical communication tool for many sectors, e.g. shopping centers, restaurants, supermarkets, logistics & warehousing, etc.

    1. ZT-V1000 IP67 Waterproof Radio

      On the premises of constant temperature and constant pressure, the waterproof handheld two way radio works normally in 1m deep water where zero constraints exist.

    1. ZT-V8 Dual Band Dual Standby Radio

      Powerful functions of this dual band handheld transceiver are composed of FM radio, CTCSS/DCS, automatic scanning, emergency alarm, PTT ID number, 1750Hz tone, etc.

    1. ZT-V9+ Dual Band Dual Frequency Display Radio

      It is a new type dual band walkie talkie developed based on ZT-V9 dual band two way radio. It is more functional and has a better display screen.

    1. ZT-V2000 Waterproof Radio
    1. BF-888S UHF Radio1. 50 CTCSS/105 CDCSS
      2. VOX Function
      3. Voice Prompt
    1. UV5R Dual Band Radio1. Dual band handheld transceiver with display function menu on the display "LCD"
      2. 2013 latest version, more stubborn case, more rich and enhanced features
    1. UV82 Dual Band Radio1. A/B band independent operation
      2. Shortcut menu operation mode
      3. VFO and Memory channels scan
    1. UV-B5 Dual Band Radio1. Frequency range: 136-174 and 400-470MHz
      2. 99 memory channels
      3. Priority Channel Scan
    1. Handheld Transceiver ApplicationIn case of emergency circumstances or unexpected events, security personnel can use the emergency alarm function of the two way radio to instantly call for support. The handheld transceiver safeguards your safety and lets you finish your task with success.
    1. Repeater

      This fully functional communication relay station is the preferred professional wireless command and dispatching tool for public security, property manage system, airports and ports, hotels, storage facilities, etc.

    1. BJ-851 MINI Repeater1. You can easily program channel data using the programming software on a PC.
      2. You can recall one of the 16 preset channels using a PF key or the external control wire.
    1. Radio Microphone, HeadsetThe radio microphone has the voice control function. It has large PTT and its volume is adjustable. It can meet all kinds of your requirements.
    1. Radio BatteryThe radio battery also called radio cell has reliable quality, as it applies the imported cell. It is a transceiver battery which can be repeatedly used for at least 500 hundred times.
    1. Radio ChargerThe radio charger is a power supplying unit that offers intelligent charging and overvoltage protection. This charging device is available with many different plugs, and can adapt to the voltages of different countries.
    1. Radio Programming CableThe radio programming cable allows users to set frequency and function via a computer directly, which is really convenient.
    1. Radio AntennaRadio antenna is the basic component of transceiver. It provides an guarantee for your telecommunication. Instant messenger antenna satisfies your requirements of long-distance conversation.
    1. Radio CaseThe radio case is a protective cover used for the water proofing and dust prevention. It is easy to carry, won't be abraded or fallen broken. Quality protective case can better prolong the service life of interphones.
    1. Bluetooth HeadsetBluetooth V4.1
      Portable lightweight and sweatproof design
      Built-in microphone
      Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
    1. Bluetooth SpeakerModel: QQ200
      Model Number: QCY
      Style: In-Ear
      Function: Bluetooth, Microphone